Goodreads Giveaway

I’m giving away 5 copies of both THE COLD BETWEEN and REMNANTS OF TRUST as a single Goodreads giveway. It’s open from today (March 27) through April 4. And you can keep your eyes open after that, too. ­čÖé

What’s the occasion?┬áThe gorgeous cover for BREACH OF CONTAINMENT, certainly. Also spring, and the gradual┬ácoming to life of the woods outside my front door.

Go and enter! If you’ve read them both (and you all have, I know :)), remember that they make great gifts, for friends, family, or your local library.

(And did you guys know you can read them out of order? Character-wise you get more substantive backstory if you read 1 then 2, but plot-wise they should be pretty independent of each other. Although I’m not the best judge of that!)


Wee bits of news

Jim C. Hines has posted the first part of his author income survey results. He’s clear about the limitations of it, but it’s still good data for the curious (and it meshes more or less with my personal, very small sample set of fellow writers about whom I have any income insight).

On my own blog, I posted a view from the other side: Are You Sure? (Y/N)

As I mumbled on Facebook: I’ve seen cover drafts for BREACH OF CONTAINMENT and good heavens the cover is outstanding and I am all jump-up-and-down-y wanting to share it with y’all, which I will do the very instant I get the OK. (It’s up for preorder, too–links on the books page.)

Lastly, I’m in the process of convincing Goodreads that yes, I am indeed the author of those books. When that happens, I’m going to try to set up a giveaway or two. Stay tuned.

The Portalist

On The Portalist, I blogged about milSF┬áand what I thought it was about–or, more accurately,┬ácan be about.

Not that I don’t enjoy writing all of them, but I enjoyed this one a LOT. Writing it made me realize just how personal my choice of venue is when I write.

Have a look, if you like. ­čÖé